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John Harrison

March 24, 2017

John Harrison, a British clockmaker, was born Mar. 24, 1693. In 1714, the British Board of Longitude had offered a reward of £20,000 to anyone who could solve the “longitude problem” by providing a device or technique to allow someone on board ship to...

James Bradley

March 23, 2017

James Bradley, an English astronomer, was born Mar. 23, 1693–or at least, that is the traditional date for his birth, there being no birth record.  In the 1720s, Bradley teamed up with a gentleman astronomer, Samuel Molyneux, to attempt to measure the parallax...

Friedrich Argelander

March 22, 2017

Friedrich Argelander, a German astronomer, was born Mar. 22, 1799.  In 1843, Argelander published a star atlas, with titles in both Latin and German, Neue Uranometrie/ Uranometria nova (fourth image). The titles were a deliberate choice.  Back in 1603, another German,...

Andreas Wagner

March 21, 2017

Andreas Wagner, a German paleontologist, was born Mar. 21, 1797. Wagner was curator of the Bavarian state fossil collection in Munich, and in 1859 he found a skeleton of a small dinosaur known as Compsognathus. Those of you who saw Jurassic Park 2 might recall the...

John Goodsir

March 20, 2017

John Goodsir, a Scottish biologist and anatomist, was born Mar. 20, 1814. Goodsir became professor of anatomy at the University of Edinburgh in 1846. He was bound to succeed in the position, for he replaced the worst anatomy professor Scotland had ever seen, Alexander...

William Withering

March 17, 2017

William Withering, an English physician and botanist, was born Mar. 17, 1741.  After receiving his medical degree from Edinburgh in 1766, Withering was invited by Erasmus Darwin to come to Birmingham to fill the void left by the early death of William Small. ...