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Scientist of the Day

Cecil Aldin

April 28, 2017

            Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a prominent Victorian scientific illustrator, Edward Whymper, and today we honor another one, Cecil Aldin, who was born Apr. 28, 1870. Aldin was a regular artist for such British periodicals as the Illustrated London...

Edward Whymper

April 27, 2017

            Edward Whymper, an English wood engraver and alpinist, was born Apr. 27, 1840. His father Josiah was an expert wood engraver, and Whymper and his two brothers were well-trained in the art. Somewhere along the line, Edward got interested in...

Arno Penzias

April 26, 2017

    Arno Penzias, a German/American physicist, was born Apr. 26, 1933. A German Jew, Penzias was one of the 10,000 German children who were evacuated to England in 1939 as part of the Kindertransport program, implemented by Great Britain after the infamous...

Leopold von Buch

April 25, 2017

      Leopold von Buch, a German geologist, was born Apr. 25, 1774. Von Buch studied at the Freiberg mining academy under Abraham Gottlob Werner (along with fellow student Alexander von Humboldt). Werner was a Neptunist, meaning that he believed that all rocks,...

Paolo Boccone

April 24, 2017

                Paolo Boccone, a Sicilian botanist and naturalist, was born Apr. 24, 1633. Boccone became botanist to the Grand Duke of Tuscany in Florence, and he seems to have retained that position throughout his life,...

Jean-Baptiste Biot

April 21, 2017

    Jean-Baptiste Biot, a French physicist and astronomer, was born Apr. 21, 1774. In Biot’s day, the extraterrestrial origin of meteorites was a hotly-debated topic. Ernst Chladni in 1794 had first proposed the idea that meteorites come from outer...