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Scientist of the Day

Marie-Anne Paulze

January 20, 2017

Marie-Anne Pierette Paulze, better known as Madame Lavoisier, was born Jan. 20, 1758. She was married to Antoine Lavoisier in 1771, when she was just 12 years old; he was 28. Lavoisier was soon appointed to a government post at the Arsenal and began his rise through...

David Steel

January 19, 2017

David Steel, an English bookseller, publisher, and author on maritime topics, died Jan. 19, 1803, at age 40. We know very little about Steel; what we do know comes solely from an obituary notice in The Gentleman’s Magazine. But we do learn here that Steel...

Edward Frankland

Sir Edward Frankland, an English chemist, was born Jan. 18, 1825. In 1852, Frankland read a paper to the Royal Society of London, in which he proposed the concept of valence (or valency, as the British call it). Frankland pointed out that every element tends to...

Benjamin Franklin

January 17, 2017

Benjamin Franklin, American statesmen and scientist, was born Jan 17, 1706. Most people know that Franklin did some electrical experiments and flew a kite, but few realize just how good a scientist he was; for many contemporary workers in the field, such as Joseph...

Paul Villard

January 13, 2017

Paul Villard, a French chemist, died Jan. 13, 1934, at age 74. Villard is one of the unsung contributors to what is sometimes called the Second Scientific Revolution, the one that began in 1895 with the discovery of X-rays, followed by radioactivity, atomic structure,...

William Pengelly

January 12, 2017

William Pengelly, a British geologist and archaeologist, was born Jan. 12, 1812. Although raised in Cornwall, Pengelly moved to Devonshire in the 1830s and began to investigate the limestone caves around Tor Bay (see map, second image). One cave, Kent’s Cavern,...