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Scientist of the Day

William Spottiswoode

January 11, 2017

William Spottiswoode, an English mathematician and businessman, was born Jan. 11, 1825. Spottiswoode, in addition to his mathematical work, ran a printing firm that he inherited from his father. The firm, Eyre & Spottiswoode, were “printers to the King” (even...

Carl Linnaeus

January 10, 2017

Carl von Linné, a Swedish botanist better known as Carl Linnaeus, died Jan. 10, 1778, at age 70. In 1735, Linnaeus published a tall, slim pamphlet of 14 pages called System naturae—The System of Nature (second image). Here, in tabular form, he divided up the...

Jack Kinzler

January 9, 2017

Jack Kinzler, NASA’s “Mr. Fix-It” for nearly twenty years, was born Jan. 9, 1920. Kinzler was a born tinkerer who avoided college because it would take time away from making model airplanes, but who responded to an ad from a government agency looking...

Clarence King

January 6, 2017

Clarence King, an American geologist, was born Jan. 6, 1842. In 1867, King was granted permission and funding to lead an expedition along the Fortieth Parallel from California to the Rockies, to survey the probable path of the transcontinental railroad. The survey...

Arthur Hasler

January 5, 2017

Arthur Hasler, an American ecologist, was born Jan. 5, 1908. Hasler taught for many years at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and is one of the pioneers of the study of the ecosystems of lakes. However, his two most notable achievements have nothing to do with...

James Ussher

January 4, 2017

Archbishop James Ussher, an Irish cleric, was born Jan. 4, 1581. Ussher was quite a respectable scholar, but he is remembered today primarily for the first paragraph of his Annales Veteris Testamenti (Annals of the Old Testament, 1650) and its marginal note. The...