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Thomas Bell

October 11, 2017

Thomas Bell, an English zoologist, was born Oct. 11, 1792. In 1832, Bell began issuing in parts his Monograph of the Testudinata, a beautiful work on turtles, illustrated by none other than James de Carle Sowerby and Edward Lear. This is a work we do not have in our collections, so we show above a plate from the copy at the University of Glasgow Libraries (third image).

Henry Cavendish

October 10, 2017

Henry Cavendish, an English chemist and physicist, was born Oct. 10, 1731. Cavendish was an odd fellow, painfully shy to the point of avoiding almost all human contact. But he was a brilliant experimental scientist. He is perhaps best known for discovering the gas hydrogen in 1766 (which he called “flammable air), but we will discuss here his other major achievement: measuring the density of the earth. Fellow Englishman John Michell (1724-1793) had invented and built a device he called a torsion balance…

Robert Grosseteste

October 9, 2017

Wikipedia   Wikipedia   Trip Advisor   Wikimedia Commons   Robert Grosseteste, a medieval English scholastic philosopher, died Oct. 9, 1253, at the age of around 75.  Grosseteste taught for some years at Oxford, until, in 1235, he was appointed...

John Willis Griffiths

October 6, 2017

National Maritime Historical Society   Linda Hall Library   Linda Hall Library   Linda Hall Library   Wikipedia   Findagrave   Wikipedia   John Willis Griffiths, an American ship designer and naval architect, was born Oct. 6, 1809....

Edward Wotton

October 5, 2017

Edward Wotton, an English classical scholar, died Oct. 5, 1555, at the age of about 63. In 1552, Wotton published De differentiis animalium libri decem (Ten books on the differences between animals), the first printed work of natural history by an Englishman (although the language of the book is Latin). De differentiis animalium discusses mammals, birds, fish, insects, and sea creatures, but it was written, as far as anyone can tell, entirely in the library, without a single reference to a field observation…

Franz Andreas Bauer

October 4, 2017

Franz Andreas Bauer (also known as Francis Bauer) was born on 4 October 1758 in Feldsberg, Moravia, now the Czech Republic, into a profoundly artistic family. Franz was the middle of three brothers, all of whom built remarkably productive careers celebrating the inherent beauty of nature. The oldest brother, Josef Anton Bauer (1756-1830), succeeded their father as court painter to the Prince of Liechtenstein in Vienna, later becoming the keeper of Vienna’s prestigious royal gallery…