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Apollo 11 Misc Memories

I was in a café in Innsbruck, Austria, with my older sister.
Patricia “Pat” Collins

Met Mr. Armstrong at the EAA [Experimental Aircraft Association] at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Very nice, humor man. That evening, walked back to our tent under a full moon.
Ken Decker

I was at my baby sitter’s. None of the other children were interested – it was just me and the baby sitter. I still have magazines from 1969 about the event.
Dr. William “Bill” Everett, Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Musicology; Musicology Area Coordinator, UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance

My aunt lived in Cocoa Beach, Florida, 17 miles from the launch pad. We were in her backyard, watching it take off. What I remember most was feeling – not hearing – but feeling the impact of the launch, literally shaking the ground. Fifty years later, I still remember that vividly.
Kent Kirby

We were in Pensacola, Florida. I was in Navy Flight School, and we watched it in our apartment.
Fred and Linda Starrett

My memory of Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 was of his press conference at the National Museum of Scotland. My father was head of technology there.

A reporter asked, “What were you thinking as you launched into space?” The reply was that “he was thinking that every last piece of the craft had been built by the lowest bidder.” I may not, at this distance of time, have the exact words, but that is my memory.
Iain Thomson

Atlanta, Georgia – The family was on a camping trip to Florida, and we stopped in a motel for the kids to witness the event. Atlanta highways were, and still are, a parking lot.
Gene T. Waters