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Upcoming Events

William N. Deramus III Cosmology Theater

The William N. Deramus III Cosmology Theater features some of the latest high-definition video projection technology.

A 114″ display screen with a 1080i* digital projector and a totally revamped and upgraded sound system provide the viewer with a stunning visual and sound experience.

The theater currently features the ViewSpace program of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

ViewSpace presents a series of educational features on topics related to space and space-based research. Most presentations are of ten minutes duration.

Other segments showcase scientific discoveries related to our planet and its environment. These show spectacular views of Earth events such as hurricanes, floods, and forest fires. Also available are segments which provide information on where to look in the night sky to see planets, constellations, meteor showers and other events visible during the current month.

Regular coverage is given to the latest discoveries made with the Hubble Space Telescope and other astronomical resources from around and above the world.

The Cosmology Theater is open all hours that the library is open. Visitors are welcome to enter or leave the theater at any time. We encourage you to visit and enjoy this wonderful addition to the resources of the library.