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Victoria Yeoman

(Residential Fellow, 2019 – 20)
Victoria Yeoman

Victoria Yeoman

Residential Fellow

Eating Plants and Animals in the Early Modern World

Dr. Victoria Yeoman is an Assistant Professor of English and Liberal Studies at Seneca College. She has published in the journals Renaissance Studies and West 86th. She is currently finishing a monograph, Dining and Design in Early Modern England.

While at the Linda Hall Library she will work on Foodways in Early Modern England: A Critical Anthology (under contract with Routledge, co-authored with David B. Goldstein). Drawing on the Linda Hall Library collections, Dr. Yeoman will study how our modern food systems and current environmental crises are rooted in the agricultural, social, and material practices that arose in the early modern period. The anthology will offer accessible texts in modernized spelling of over eighty substantive excerpts from 16th-, 17th-, and 18th-century recipe books, travel narratives, anatomical texts, devotional treatises, domestic conduct manuals, commonplace books, agricultural handbooks, sermons, and works of philosophy and natural history.