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Fellowship Application Instructions


The application will consist of the following 4 elements:

  1. Basic information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Telephone & fax numbers
    • Institutional affiliation or employer
    • Title/Position/Rank at current institution
    • Date expected to receive PhD, if applicable
    • Title of proposed project
    • Project Abstract (no more than 250 words)
    • Time period of requested support, with a minimum of 1 week and maximum of 10 months (approximate dates are fine)
    • Any grants or fellowships received in the last five years
  2. Curriculum vitae of no more than three pages. Please save this document as a PDF file. 
  3. Project description of no more than five pages, including a description of the materials that will be consulted at the Linda Hall Library. Please save this document as a PDF file.

    If applying to the 80/20 Fellowship (note: only pre-doctoral applicants are eligible), please divide your project description into Parts A and B.

    • Part A (2-3 pages) should describe your primary research project that you wish to accomplish during your fellowship and how you would use the Library’s collections.
    • In Part B, please provide a brief proposal (1-2 pages) that outlines the exhibition or public history project you would curate during your fellowship based on your research (or an aspect thereof) and the Library’s holdings. Bear in mind that the Library’s programs are aimed at general, non-specialist audiences and that exhibitions with a clear conceptual message (or messages) that are supported by visual materials from the collections tend to be most effective. Although previous curatorial experience is not required, if you have worked in a similar or related capacity, you should include that in your narrative and curriculum vitae.

    For additional questions, please refer to the FAQ Section.


  4. Applicants should arrange for 3 people to submit reference letters on their behalf. Please provide the names and contact information for these individuals in a PDF file. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that letters are submitted in a timely fashion.

Please submit the application using our online application form
For additional information or assistance, please contact:


Fellowships are open to doctoral candidates, scholars with a PhD or equivalent, and independent scholars who can demonstrate similar professional or academic experience. Applicants to the 80/20 Fellowship must be pre-doctoral candidates who have completed their coursework and passed their general/comprehensive exams. The 80/20 Fellow must be in residence for the entire academic year (10 months) to allow enough time for research, planning, and installation of the exhibit.

Those who reside in the Kansas City area are not eligible for residential research fellowships. The Kansas City area is defined as Jackson, Cass, Ray, and Platte Counties in Missouri and Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas.


Requirements of Fellows

  • Work full time at the Library on his or her research project.
  • Offer a lecture/seminar to general public while in residence. 80/20 Fellows may give a public gallery talk in addition or in leu of a public lecture.
  • Engage in seminars and/or social interactions with other fellows in residence.
  • Acknowledge the Library in any resulting publication or presentation based on the fellowship and provide a copy of any resulting publication to the Library.
  • Provide documentation (tax forms, visas, work permits) as required by law.
  • Provide a statement of how expenditure of grant monies was consistent with the project.
  • Write an evaluation of the research experience at the Library and the extent to which the Library collections met research expectations.