On Monday May 13, 2019, the Linda Hall Library will launch an updated version of Primo, the search interface for our online catalog. When typing in or clicking a link to the Library Catalog, the catalog.lindahall.org URL will automatically take you to the new Primo site, which is shown above.

Here’s the old Primo page:

Any bookmarks or permalinks to the old Primo user interface (UI) will also automatically go to the corresponding record in new Primo UI.

While the look is different, many of the old features remain with additional functionality:

  • To search for an exact phrase, use quotes (“) around your search terms, OR change the drop-down menu from “that contain my query words” to “with my exact phrase”;
  • To limit your search by scope of resources, enter a search word/term and select Books & More, Articles & E-Resources or Digital Collections as you type;
  • You can use the Advanced Search option to add additional search statements; the old Primo interface had a limit of 3 statements;
  • New Primo UI has two navigation options at the bottom of the screen: a Page number indicator and a Load more results option. Old Primo UI only had sequential page number navigation;
  • The Full display of each record shows export and additional options under Send to, as well as Next and Previous arrows on the left frame to navigate the search results.

Things that remain the same:

  • Wildcard characters: “?” for a single character, “*” for multiple characters;
  • Additional search limiters (Author, Subject, Location) on the left-side frame ;
  • The All Databases, Document Delivery and Ask options are unchanged;
  • Links to WorldCat and Classic Catalog are still available, but only from within the Full display.

Users who have a library account in Voyager, which they use to Sign in to Primo, will still have the additional options, including:

  • Saving items to a Favorites list (formerly E-Shelf in old Primo); indicated by the Push-pin icon;
  • Exporting selections to a citation management program (e.g., EndNote);
  • Saving the search history.

Online help is available here.
There will be some minor adjustments made later in 2019, but the basic Search and Display operations will remain the same. Library patrons will begin using the Primo new UI on Monday. The Classic Catalog will remain available until we transition to Alma in 2020.

If you need assistance, please contact Reference Services: