The Linda Hall Library is pleased to announce the recipients of its research fellowships for the 2019-20 academic year. These scholars will receive financial support to travel to Kansas City and make use of the Library’s extensive collections of monographs, journals, and rare books related to science, technology, and engineering.

The 20 researchers listed below comprise the largest group of fellows in the Library’s history, and 36 fellows will have conducted research at the Library over two academic years. The fellowships run from one week to four months.

2019-20 Linda Hall Library Fellows

Teal Arcadi (Princeton University), Travel Fellow
Remapping America: Power, Poverty, and the Interstate Highway System in the Postwar United States

Joshua Bader (Mississippi State University), Travel Fellow
Wrestling with DDT: Malaria, Public Health, and Mosquito Control Before Silent Spring

Nuala Caomhánach (New York University/American Museum of Natural History), Residential Fellow
The Unfinished Synthesis: The Rise of Phylogenetics in an Age of Climate Change, 1880-1990

Li Cornfeld (Amherst College), Residential Fellow
Theater of Invention: Live Performance and Emerging Technology

Nikhil Dharan (University of Pennsylvania), Travel Fellow
A Life in Nitrogen: Travis Porter Hignett (1907-89), an Unlikely American Technocrat

Carlos Dimas (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Residential Fellow
A Nation of Climates: Agriculture, Climatology, and Nation-Building in the Argentine Patagonia, 1865-1950

George Elliott (Brown University), Travel Fellow
Alchemy in the Home: Colonial Connecticut and Household Science in the Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Atlantic

Emily Hutcheson (University of Wisconsin), Residential Fellow
The Living Sea: Marine Algae, Symbiosis, Coral Reefs and Transnational Science 1880-1930

Garrett McKinnon (Duke University), Travel Fellow
Of Airplanes, Pilots, and Drones: A History of U.S. Machine Warfare, 1910-2012

Jared Neumann (Indiana University Bloomington), Residential Fellow
The Discovery of Truth in Victorian Logic and Philosophy of Science

Justin Niermeier-Dohoney (University of Chicago), Travel Fellow
A Vital Matter: Alchemy, Cornucopianism, and Agricultural Improvement in England and the English Atlantic

Amy Offner (University of Pennsylvania), Travel Fellow
The Disappearing Worker

William Parkhurst (University of South Florida), Residential Fellow
Nietzsche and the Principle of Identity in 19th-Century Sciences

Marc Reyes (University of Connecticut), Residential Fellow
In the Circle of Great Powers: India, the United States, and the Postcolonial Atomic State, 1947-1974

Alexis Rider (University of Pennsylvania), Residential Fellow
A Melting Fossil: Ice, Life, and Time in the Cryosphere, 1840-1980

James Risk (University of South Carolina), Travel Fellow
Promoting the Fresnel Lighthouse Lens: The United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Professionalization of Engineering in Nineteenth-Century America

Jean Sanchez (Ecole Normale Supérieure), Residential Fellow
Conceptions of astrology among Parisian scholars (1570-1680)

Tasha Schoenstein (Harvard University), Travel Fellow
Departments and Disciplines: The Institutionalization of Computer Science, 1960-1989

Mariana Waligora (Universidad Nacional de la Plata), Travel Fellow
Museums and Scientific Exchanges in the Global South. The Fossil Genus Glossopteris and the Continental Drift Theory, 1915-1940

Victoria Yeoman (Seneca College), Residential Fellow
Eating Plants and Animals in the Early Modern World