The Art and Science of Distillation

Join master distiller Benay Shannon, co-founder and owner of Restless Spirits Distillery, for an insider’s look at the art and science behind creating spirits from experimenting in the lab to taste testing the finished product.

Presented in partnership with the Kansas City Public Library.

A Shot in the Arm: What You Need to Know about the COVID Vaccines

With two vaccines approved for emergency use in the U.S., the next major hurdle in the fight against the pandemic will be getting people immunized. In the U.S. alone, distributing vaccines to over 300 million people will present an unprecedented logistical challenge. Moderator Alex Knapp, Senior Editor of Healthcare and Science at Forbes, will lead a discussion with a panel of experts to answer your questions about COVID-19 vaccines, including their safety, effectiveness, and distribution process.

Livestream Workshop: Science Fact vs. Science Fiction – Misinformation in the time of Covid 19: Part 2

Part 2 of the series will examine the challenges of delivering reliable information to the public, with attention paid to the roles of popular media, institutions such as libraries, and online channels such as social media. Guest speakers from diverse fields will share their experience navigating resources and delivering information to the public and discuss how they see disinformation impacting their work and the audiences they serve.