“Strat-School! Featuring Strat-o-Matic: Learn Math Skills Using the Classic Fantasy Baseball Game

A live, virtual program for the entire family!

Join the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Linda Hall Library, and our partners at Strat-o-Matic Baseball for “STRAT-SCHOOL,” teaching you the ins and outs of this popular board game. For 60 years, Strat-o-Matic has offered sports game simulations using math and probability tables. It is the original fantasy sports game simulation, starting with baseball. Learn the history of the game and how it can help sharpen your math skills.

Know the Score!: Baseball Scorekeeping History and Basics

The art and fun of keeping score at a baseball game is a time-honored tradition. It also promotes the first principle of the scientific method, “observation.” Join special guests Paul Dickson (author of The Joy of Keeping Score) and Dr. Max Utsler, an official scorer for Major League Baseball and the Kansas City Royals, for this family-friendly look at the basics of keeping a baseball scorebook. The program is free and will broadcast live on the NLBM Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

John Graunt

John Graunt, an English tradesman, statistician, and epidemiologist, was born Apr. 24, 1620.  To call Graunt a statistician and an epidemiologist, while true, is misleading, because neither discipline existed until Graunt published his milestone book, Natural and...