Science Forum 2020: Sports Concussions

Concussions affect athletes of all ages and occur in a wide range of sports from soccer and football to bicycling and basketball. With the popularity of sports at an all-time high, recent scientific research has focused on identifying concussions, creating return-to-play protocols, and inventing hi-tech equipment to prevent brain injuries.

In this presentation, moderator Steve Kraske will lead a discussion and audience Q&A session with a panel of experts on a variety of concussion-related topics. This is a must-attend event for parents, young athletes, coaches, trainers, and school administrators.

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Nathaniel Currier

Nathaniel Currier, an American lithographer, was born May 27, 1813.  Currier learned the art and craft of lithography in Boston and Philadelphia, then moved to New York and started issuing prints.  He soon found a business partner in James Ives, and the firm of...

Ignace Urbain Jean Chappe

Ignace Urbain Jean Chappe, a French politician and administrator, was born Nov. 26, 1762. Despite being the nephew of Jean-Baptiste Chappe d’Auteroche, an astronomer who became famous for traveling across Siberia to witness the transit of Venus, Ignace was never...

Journey Into an Active Volcano

On the brink of a new age of discovery, Sam Cossman is redefining the art of exploration by leveraging technology and innovation as a force for good.