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Viburnums are valuable to wildlife, such as bees, insects, birds, and small mammals, by providing habitat and food in the form of flowers and berries.

Linda Hall Library arboretum viburnum hellebore

Viburnum Corner Collection

More About the Viburnum Corner

  • Viburnum is a genus of flowering landscape shrubs or small trees. 
  • The Viburnum Corner was started in 2007 to enhance the northwest area of the arboretum, and is home to a variety of viburnums and other shade-loving plants. 
  • The best times to visit this area is early March when the Hellebores, perennials that bloom in late winter are blooming and the first part of April when the Viburnum juddii, a sweet-smelling viburnum, are blooming. 

Wildlife Support System

Like native plants, viburnums are a valuable support system to wildlife. Native bees and insects, birds, and small mammals make their habitats in viburnums and feed off their flowers and berries. Viburnums also serve as a host plant to the spring azure butterfly, which is our earliest native butterfly to emerge from its overwintering pupae.

Viburnum Corner Map

Green Deciduous TreeDeciduous Trees
Gold Deciduous TreeDeciduous Champion Trees
Green Coniferous TreeConiferous Trees
Gold Coniferous TreeConiferous Champion Trees
Green ShrubShrubs
Gold ShrubsChampion Shrubs
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The Courtyard was awarded the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Gold Award of Excellence in 2021.


The Linda Hall Library Arboretum is home to 11 Kansas City Champion Trees. 


The Native Corner is home to a variety of plants native to the Kansas City area such as, witch hazel, spicebush, and Annabelle hydrangeas.