Donating Materials to the Collection

The Linda Hall Library is committed to serving as a repository for print material related to science, technology, engineering, and their histories. The Library welcomes gifts of books, periodical literature (journals, serials), and other printed materials related to these subjects.  Additionally, the Library is interested in acquiring subject-appropriate personal papers and/or organizational records.

What We Accept:

We are interested in collecting:

  • Technical standards and specifications
  • Back issues of science and engineering periodical literature
  • Non-western scientific literature
  • Science and technology books published before 1900
  • Working papers of scientists and engineers; non-current records of science-related organizations, corporations, etc.

What We Cannot Accept:

The Library cannot accept:

  • Items outside of our collecting scope (i.e. science, technology, engineering, and their histories)
  • Scientific instruments, patent models, paintings, sculptures, furniture, and other forms of material culture
  • Works-for-hire without written permission from the employer or corporate entity
  • Materials in poor physical condition
  • Titles that are already in the collection, except under special circumstances (e.g. replacements for materials that are already in poor physical condition)

Gift Acceptance Process

All potential donations must be submitted in writing for advance consideration by the Library’s collections department. The Linda Hall Library will review all gifts prior to their acceptance into the collection. Donors should submit a signed letter expressing their desire to donate materials to the library. The letter must contain the following information:

  • Donor name and contact information
  • The types of material being donated (books, periodicals, etc.)
  • An itemized list of the items under consideration, including:

    • Authors, titles, and publication dates of all books
    • Titles, volumes, issue numbers, and publication dates of all serials
  • Donor’s statement of ownership

Click here to download a template for your donation letter.


Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of the Linda Hall Library upon receipt and that the Library may make all necessary decisions concerning their retention, location, cataloging, and other considerations relating to their use and disposition. Materials accepted but not added to the Library’s collections may be exchanged with other libraries, sold, or disposed of through charitable organizations, or other means.

Tax Benefit Information

Gifts of books and other print materials to the Linda Hall Library may provide you with federal and state income tax benefits. In accordance with IRS regulations, the Library cannot appraise any donations, however a letter of acknowledgement for items donated to the library will be mailed to each donor. This letter may be used for income tax purposes. Donors wishing to claim a tax deduction should consult with their income tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Service to confirm the proper procedure.

Thank You!                

We are grateful to all the individuals and institutions who have previously donated to the Linda Hall Library. If you are interested in making a gift to the Linda Hall Library’s collections, please contact Sophia Hahn, Collections and Reference Librarian via phone (816-926-8784) or e-mail .