Transforming the Library: Connecting to Community

The Linda Hall Library is a distinctive Kansas City cultural asset that opened to the public in 1946. Today, it is recognized globally for its unique collection consisting of rare books and an unsurpassable assemblage of scientific journals and other serial publications. There is nothing like it in Kansas City, and it is difficult to identify comparable institutions elsewhere.

The Linda Hall Library has been engaged in a multi-year strategic plan to strengthen community connections, intensify, and enhance existing efforts to increase its impact in the Kansas City area and, by extension, propel the Kansas City metropolitan region to the front rank of scientifically literate places in the United States.  The Library’s strategic plan is to pursue this transformation by building on historic strengths while advancing its contemporary relevance.

As the Linda Hall Library seeks broader recognition and support, it will elevate the principles on which it was founded: a commitment to learning, excellence, and public benefit.