Drawn from Nature

Drawn from Nature: Art, Science, and the Study of Birds

Explore the roles that artists, scientists, and amateur bird watchers have played in identifying, cataloging, and popularizing the study of birds.


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Since 1946, scholars, students, researchers, academic institutions and businesses throughout the Kansas City region, across the nation and around the world have used the Linda Hall Library’s collections to learn, investigate, invent, explore and increase knowledge. Hundreds of people of all ages attend the Library’s public programs each year to expand their awareness and understanding of science and technology.

The Linda Hall Library is a guardian of the collective intellectual heritage with regard to science, technology, and engineering disciplines; a destination for advanced research and scholarship, and a center for public education in the sciences.

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Connecting the Dots

The Science of CSI

Drawn from Nature

Art, Science, and the Study of Birds

Flying Machines

A History of Early Aviation

Mapping the Moon

A Brief History of Lunar Cartography from Galileo to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Napoleon and the Scientific Expedition to Egypt

An exhibition of the Description de l’Egypte (1809-1828) and other rare books documenting the French Expedition to Egypt.

Nature's Fury

The Science of Natural Disasters

Ribbons Across the Land

Building the U.S Interstate Highway System

The Atomic Age

The Discovery and Evolution of Nuclear Science

The Land Divided, The World United

Building the Panama Canal

The Transcontinental Railroad

A History of Railroad Technology