Linda Hall Library arboretum in the fall
Linda Hall Library Arboretum


The grounds surrounding the Library are home to over 300 trees representing 48 genera, 130 species, 16 champion trees, and the renowned tree peonies.


When Herbert and Linda Hall bequeathed their estate for the purpose of establishing a public library, it was their wish that the grounds on which their former home stood be appropriately preserved and maintained so “that the surrounding trees and grass shall add beauty and dignity” to the Library. Accordingly, the Linda Hall Library's grounds have been managed for more than 70 years as an urban arboretum, a garden of trees within the city. Complementing the Library's mission, tree acquisition has emphasized obtaining unusual and underutilized trees that are adapted to the local environment.

The grounds are open to the public from dawn to dusk.

Linda Hall Library armillary sphere


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