Linda Hall Library arboretum woodland garden
Linda Hall Library Arboretum



A collection of shade-loving plants at the southeast edge of the Arboretum.

Linda Hall Library woodland garden in the summer

Woodland Garden Collection

More About the Woodland Garden 

  • The Woodland Garden first began as a native woodland garden, but over the years non-native plants were introduced to the area. 
  • The best time to visit the Woodland Garden is in mid April when the Celandine poppies are blooming.

What Happened to Redbud 7-1-7?

Within the Woodland Garden, visitors will find the remains of Redbud 7-1-7. This tree fell over 10+ years ago and currently looks like a dead hollow log. However, it continues to leaf out and bloom every year.

Woodland Garden Map

Green Deciduous TreeDeciduous Trees
Gold Deciduous TreeDeciduous Champion Trees
Green Coniferous TreeConiferous Trees
Gold Coniferous TreeConiferous Champion Trees
Green ShrubShrubs
Gold ShrubsChampion Shrubs
Compass indicating North is up

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