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Celebrating Women in STEM Throughout History and Today

Mary Somerville, Eunice Newton, Ada Lovelace; the concept of STEM may be a more recent phenomenon but there have been women trailblazers like these in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematic fields for centuries. These pioneers of the past were paving the way for future generations of innovators like Myriam Sarachik, Ellen Ochoa, Pascal Sablan, and many more.

Women in STEM and their accomplishments have often been overlooked, overshadowed, or dismissed from the historical record. Linda Hall Library strives to celebrate these women throughout history along with the women shaping our future today.

In partnership with KC Tech Council, the Library is proud to shine a light on these historical innovators through the blog on the KC Tech Council’s website where you can learn more about women in STEM throughout history and companion reading materials from the Library.

Our Women in STEM YouTube series features enlightening interviews with women in the local Kansas City STEM ecosystem, where they give us a look at what brought them into the world of STEM, the challenges they faced along the way, and their hopes for women in STEM in the future.

Within the Library stacks, our Women in STEM collection pulls together materials that are by and about women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. These books and journals range from 1748 to 2021 and are in English, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Polish, and Russian.

The Library looks forward to continuing this initiative and bringing recognition to the work and achievements of women in STEM.