Dr. Kenneth Lee and Linda Hall Library President Lisa Browar with 2022 James C. Shipman award recipient James Schipfer.

Center for Academic Achievement Biotechnology program student, James Schipfer, recognized as 2022 Joseph C. Shipman Award recipient

At this year’s Greater Kansas City Science and Engineering Fair, Linda Hall Library and Library President, Lisa Brower, were pleased to recognize James Schipfer as the recipient of the 2022 Joseph C. Shipman Award. The Shipman Award, named after the Library’s first director, is given annually to a  student who makes excellent use of scientific literature in their science fair project.

James conducted his study with the help of his teacher, Dr. Kenneth Lee, and mentors as part of the Biotechnology Program at Shawnee Mission School District’s Center for Academic Achievement. This program allows students to gain hands-on experience working in a lab and designing and implementing original research. James’s experiment, “Understanding the Role of Hyaluronan in Hepatic Aging,” focused on the liver’s aging process and the role of hyaluronan in liver aging and was carried out at the KUMC lab of Dr. Michele Prichard.

James said he was “grateful to receive this year’s Shipman award as a recognition of my hard work and dedication to my research during this school year. I am excited to continue conducting scientific research in the fall in the field of Marine Biology at Boston University.”

We congratulate James on all his success and continuation of this study. We look forward to seeing what is ahead for you in your bright future!