Richard Rouse Bloxam Urania's Mirror Capricornus

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The image featured in this year’s card is from Bloxam, Richard Rouse. Urania’s Mirror or, a View of the Heavens. London: Samuel Leigh, 1825.

Engraved, hand-colored illustration of the constellation Capricornus (translated as Sea Goat) and its component stars. The star positions are perforated, allowing them to “sparkle” when held up to the light. This illustration, one of a set of 32 cards depicting 79 constellations, was credited at the time to “a lady,” now attributed to the Rev. Richard Rouse Bloxam (ca. 1765-1840). The Library acquired the set of cards in their box, as well as its accompanying text, in 2022. View the full work here.