Linda Hall Library Announces 2018-19 Research Fellows

The Linda Hall Library is pleased to announce the recipients of its research fellowships for the 2018-19 academic year. These scholars will receive financial support to travel to Kansas City and use the Library’s extensive collections of monographs, journals, and rare books related to science, technology, and engineering. The 16 researchers listed below comprise the largest fellowship cohort in the Library’s history.

2018-19 Linda Hall Library Fellows

Edward Halley Barnet (Stanford University), Residential Fellow
Homo Musicus: The Early Modern Musical Science of the Body

Jordan Bimm (York University), Residential Fellow
Putting Mars in a Jar: The Military Origin of Astrobiology

Katrin Boniface (University of California, Riverside), Travel Fellow
Manufacturing the Horse

John Bukowski (Juniata College), Travel Fellow
Mathematics at the Time of the Development of Calculus

Rebecca Egli (University of California, Davis), Residential Fellow
Seeds of Mis-fortune: Food, Crop Diversity, and the Simplification of American Nature

Aaron Fine (Truman State University), Travel Fellow
Color Theory: A Critical Introduction

Gerard Fitzgerald (George Mason University), Residential Fellow
The Nature of War: An Environmental History of Industrialization in the United States During World War I

Sadegh Foghani (University of South Carolina), Residential Fellow
Engineering the Revolution: American Pragmatism, French Thermodynamics, and the Formation of Religious and Political Thoughts in 20th-Century Iran

Rocio Gomez (University of Arkansas), Residential Fellow
Victors and Vanadium: Scientific Discovery in the Age of Revolutions

Emily Herring (University of Leeds), Residential Fellow
Philosophical Biology: The Reception of Henry Bergson’s Creative Evolution in French and British Biology

Mira Kohl (Tulane University), Residential Fellow
A Railway for South American Unity: Bolivian and Brazilian State Building along the Frontier, 1935-1964

Gustave Lester (Harvard University), Travel Fellow
Interstate Geology: Mapping the Raw Materials of Industry, 1809-1867

Stefan Peychev (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Residential Fellow
Fire and Water: The Hydrothermal Landscapes of the Balkans in Western Travel Literature

Brent Purkaple (University of Oklahoma), Travel Fellow
Visualizing the Unseen: The Jesuits and optical illusions in early modern Europe

Peter Soppelsa (University of Oklahoma), Travel Fellow
The World War on Rats

Henry Zepeda (Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften), Residential Fellow
The Epitome Almagesti: Critical Edition and Study