Michele D. Pflug

Linda Hall Library Announces 2023-24 Fellowships

The Linda Hall Library is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2023-24 research fellowships. The Library will support 24 research fellows during the coming academic year, including both residential and virtual fellows. Residential fellows will travel to Kansas City to explore our collections, while virtual fellows will conduct research remotely using digitized materials.

The 2023-24 cohort is the largest in the fellowship program’s history. Its members come from the United States, as well as universities in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. These doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, and independent researchers will use the Library’s holdings to investigate the history of science, technology, and engineering. Their projects cover a wide range of topics, including the construction of electric power networks in the Caribbean, popular science education in the Soviet Union, and the invention of color printing in early modern Germany.

This year, the Linda Hall Library will also offer several specialized research fellowships for the first time:

In addition, a fourth Ukrainian researcher, Yurii Vasiliev, was awarded the History of Science and Medicine Fellowship, which has been jointly sponsored by the Linda Hall Library and the Clendening History of Medicine Library at the University of Kansas Medical Center since 2019.

Further information about these scholars and their research projects will be posted on the fellowship program website prior to the start of the academic year on July 1, 2023. For now, please join us in welcoming the 2023-24 fellows to the Linda Hall Library’s scholarly community!

2023-24 Linda Hall Library Fellows

  • Sophie Emma Battell (University of Zurich), Virtual Fellow
    Sun Cultures in Early Modern England
  • Michael Berkowitz (University College London), Residential Fellow
    Competition, Prejudice, and Art in Color Photography
  • Oleksiy Boldyriev (Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology of NAS of Ukraine), Ukraine Fellow
    Cell Culturing Pioneers at the Edge of the Prison Cell: Cell Biology Advances in Kyiv in the Politically Turbulent Early Twentieth Century
  • Yulia Cherniavskaia (Rutgers University), Virtual Fellow
    “Knowledge is Power”: Popular Science and the Making of a Well-Rounded Person in the Postwar USSR, 1943–1991
  • Sylvan Goldberg (Colorado College), Residential Fellow
    Spontaneous Generation in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Culture
  • Christopher Halm (Deutsches Museum), Virtual Fellow
    Over 50 Years of Moon Rocks on Planet Earth: The Value of Their Cultural, Global, and Techno-Scientific History
  • Roger Hart (Texas Southern University), NEH Postdoctoral Fellow
    Quantum States, Quantum Entanglements: China, the U.S., and the Global Race for Quantum Supremacy
  • Liz Kambas (Indiana University Bloomington), Residential Fellow
    Monsieur and Madame Lavoisier and the Arsenal Laboratory
  • Emy Kim (Queen’s University, University of Toronto), Virtual Fellow
    Social Seams: The Technoculture of Early Welders
  • Martin-Oleksandr Kisly (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy), Ukraine Fellow
    Crimean Land Under Colonial Rule
  • Yandong Li (University of Washington), Virtual Fellow
    Energy Objects: Histories and Cultural Practices of Techno-Environment in Rural China
  • Breanna Lohman (University of Toronto), Residential Fellow
    In Real Time: Nuclear Defense, Computation, and the Reinvention of Digital Time in the Age of the Anthropocene
  • Pamela Long (Independent Scholar), Virtual Fellow
    The Lure of the Machine in Early Modern Europe: From Francesco di Giorgio to Vittorio Zonca
  • Garrett McKinnon (North Carolina State University), Pearson Fellow in Aerospace History
    Automating Violence: A History of United States Drone Warfare
  • Oleksandr Okhrimenko (Independent Scholar), Ukraine Fellow
    Hand, Pen, and Destruction: The Reading Practices Evidenced by the Incunable Collections from the Linda Hall Library and Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine
  • Nydia Pineda de Ávila (University of California, San Diego), Virtual Fellow
    Writing a New Selenography: Recreating Techniques and Space-Time Poetics in Lunar Mapping (1630-1700)
  • Sebastian James Rose (University of Greenwich), Virtual Fellow
    The Telegraph from Below: Labor, Race, and Gender in U.S. Telegraph Networks
  • Elizabeth Savage (University of London), Virtual Fellow
    Colour Printmaking and the Transformation of Visual Information in Early Modern Germany, 1476–c.1600
  • Chelsea Schields (University of California, Irvine), Residential Fellow
    Charged Currents: Electric Power in the Caribbean
  • Ritam Sengupta (Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient), Virtual Fellow
    Conceiving the Durability of the “Energy-Irrigation Nexus” in Indian Agriculture, 1910s–1970s
  • Peter Soland (Southeast Missouri State University), Residential Fellow
    The Radiance of Tlatelolco: Politics, Culture, and Nuclear Technology in Latin America, 1938–1994
  • Kara Swanson (Northeastern University), Residential Fellow
    Inventing Citizens: Race, Gender, and Patents in United States History
  • Yurii Vasyliev (Sumy State University), History of Science and Medicine Fellow
    The History of Medical Police and its Transformation into Social Hygiene and Public Health
  • Helbert Velilla Jiménez  (École Normale Supérieure, Université Paris PSL, University of Salamanca), Residential Fellow
    Mathematical Cosmography to the Service of Global Empires