Linda Hall Library President Lisa Browar with 2023 James C. Shipman award recipient Erandi Ramirez

Linda Hall Library Presents Shipman Award at 72nd Annual Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair

The Linda Hall Library is pleased to recognize Erandi Ramirez as the recipient of the 2023 Joseph C. Shipman Award at the 72nd Annual Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair. Erandi’s project, “Rubisco: A New Approach to Carbon Sequestration” was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Kenneth Lee as part of the Shawnee Mission School District’s Biotechnology Program.

The Shipman Award is presented in memory of the Library’s first director, Joseph C. Shipman. To honor Mr. Shipman’s legacy of devotion to science, the award and cash prize are granted to a student who makes excellent use of scientific literature in their project as well as to the student’s educator.

Erandi recalled that “reading scientific literature led to a better understanding of how professionals working in the science fields share their knowledge,” and while working on her project, Erandi learned to “dissect and break down articles to gather the relevant information,” for her research and work.

Congratulations Erandi on all your success!