Former Fellows

Edward Halley Barnet
From Music to Modern Neuroscience: An Alternative History of the Modern Sciences of The Brain

David Ceccarelli
Making the Invisible Visible: The Magnesium Oxide Method in Paleontological Photography

Animesh Chatterjee
Weather Colonial Calcutta, 1800-1945

Nicole Cote
Shaping Possibilities for Public Knowledge and Community: Knowledge Infrastructures, Wildfires, and Engaging Disaster in the American West

Sebastian Diaz Angel
Weaponizing the Wilds: Counterinsurgency Mappings and the Geographical Engineering of the Development in Cold War Latin America

Rajeshwari Dutt
The Link that Divides: The Troubled History of the Nicaragua Canal

Alfredo Escudero
The Land is the Laboratory: Natural Science, Empiricism, and Indigenous Expertise in the Andes

Caitlin Harvey
Bricks and Mortar Boards: University-Building in the Settlement Empire, 1840-1920

Sarah Peters Kernan
Creating Cookbooks: Networks of Recipe Readers and Writers in England, 1300-1700

Henry-James Meiring
Descent of Man in Transit: A Global Reception

José María Moreno Madrid
Why Did Longitude Become Important, Really? On the Origins of the Great Scientific Problems of the Modern Age

Javier Patiño Loira
Ingenious Ecologies: Conceits, Nature, and Culture in Early Modern Europe

Michele Pflug
In Pursuit of Butterflies: Gender, Madness, and Natural History in the English Countryside, 1655-1715

Brigid Prial
Servants of Science: Making Chimpanzees Lab Animals for Twentieth Century American Psychology

Sonia Robles
Programming the Revolution: Music, Pedagogy, and Propaganda in Mexican Radio

Edwin Rose
Collecting, Constructing, and Classifying Natural History

Christoph Sander
Magnetic Margins: A Database of Reader Annotations in Early Modern Works on Magnetism

Corinna Schlombs
A Menial Revolution: Data Entry, Labor Identity, and Inequality in Cold War Computer Automation

Phoebe Springstubb
The Inhabited Arctic: Indigenous Built Environments and U.S. Empire in Alaska and the Far North

Peter Vale
Child of Copper: Mining Companies and the Making of the Colonial and Post-Colonial State in Central Africa 1899-1985

Anna Amramina
Friends in Odd Places: Cold War U.S.-Soviet Collaboration in Earth Science

Ekaterina Babintseva
Cyberdreams of the Information Age: Learning with Machines in the Cold War United States and Soviet Union

Mark Yu-Shan Chen
From Wasan to Yōzan: A Translation of Mathematics in Nineteenth-Century Japan

Hannah Conway
How Infrastructures Age: Engineering, Nature, and Environmental Justice in the Lower Mississippi Delta Since 1930

Thomás Haddad
Comets in the Early Americas: Atlantic Dimensions of Astronomy in the Colonial World

Miriam Lipton
Bacteriophages and Antibiotics: The History of Cold War Politics of Antibiotic Resistance

Claire Mayo
Responsibility and Recovery of the Great Flood of 1910 in the Seine Basin: Negotiating French Citizenship Beyond Paris

Diana Montaño
(Dis)Placing Necaxa: Power Networks and Erased Histories in Mexico (1890s-1914)

Nick Wilding
Galileo's Books

Melissa Bailes, PhD
Associate Professor, Tulane University
Regenerating Romanticism: Botany, Sensibility, and Originality in British Literature, 1750-1830

Mario Bianchini
PhD Candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology
‘Real Existing’ Utopia: Creating a Technological Culture in the German Democratic Republic, 1949-1989

Kat Boniface
PhD Candidate, University of California, Riverside
(Re)Producing Breed

Harry Burson
PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley
The World in Stereo: Sound, Space, and Immersion, 1879-1959

Martin Bush, PhD
Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
Drawing Down the Moon: Changes in nineteenth-century thinking about the Moon as seen in visual language

Justin Castro, PhD
Associate Professor, Arkansas State University
Infrastructure and Society in Latin America

Ranjodh Dhaliwal
PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis
Rendering: On Graphics, Architectures, and Computational Cultures

Jacob Forrest
PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia
Computing Los Angeles: histories of digital traffic governance

Matthew Hersch, PhD
Associate Professor, Harvard University
Dark Star: A New History of the Space Shuttle

Yelda Nasifoglu, PhD
Associate Faculty Member, University of Oxford
Reading and Collecting Mathematics in Early Modern Britain

Alexander Parry
PhD Candidate, Johns Hopkins University
Risky Homes: Domestic Accidents from the Progressive Era to the Consumer Movement

Alyssa Peterson
PhD Candidate, University of Texas, Austin
“And the Vapours at that time belcht forth from the Earth into the Air”: How Earthquakes Caused Disease in the Long Eighteenth Century

Beth Petitjean, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Louis University
Understanding the Water: Medicine, Mineral Water, and Early Modern Chemistry

Caro Pinto
Research & Instruction Librarian, Mt. Holyoke College
Curricular Connections: Mapping, Transposing, and Teaching Research Methods in Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science

Olaf Recktenwald, PhD
Co-Editor-in-Chief, Montreal Architectural Review
The Pop-Up Diagram: Thomas Malton’s A Compleat Treatise on Perspective

Kathryn Renton, PhD
Assistant Professor, Occidental College
The Limits of Domestication in a New Agroecological History

Jesse Ritner
PhD Candidate, University of Texas, Austin
Making Snow: Weather, Technology, and the Rise of the American Ski Industry, 1900-present

Leah Samples
PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
Sampling Blindness: The Role of Statistics in New Deal America and Beyond, 1930-1950

Ellan Spero, PhD
Instructor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
From Waste to Resource: Narratives of Progress and Abundance in 20th Century Materials Transitions

Iris Yellum
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Revaluing Viability: Legumes and Science in Indian Agriculture

Teal Arcadi
PhD Candidate, Princeton University
Remapping America: Power, Poverty, and the Interstate Highway System in the Postwar United States

Joshua Bader
PhD Candidate, Mississippi State University
Wrestling with DDT: Malaria, Public Health, and Mosquito Control Before Silent Spring

Nuala Caomhánach
PhD Candidate, New York University
The Unfinished Synthesis: The Rise of Phylogenetics in an Age of Climate Change 1880-1990

N.J. Dharan
PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
A Life in Nitrogen: Travis Porter Hignett (1907-89), an Unlikely American Technocrat

Carlos Dimas, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
A Nation of Climates: Agriculture, Climatology, and Nation-Building in the Argentine Patagonia, 1865-1950

George Elliott
PhD Candidate, Brown University
Alchemy in the Home: Colonial Connecticut and Household Science in the Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Atlantic

Emily Hutcheson
PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Living Sea: Marine Algae, Symbiosis, Coral Reefs and Transnational Science 1880-1930
Video: Lecture, Oct. 11, 2019

Garrett McKinnon
PhD Candidate, Duke University
Of Airplanes, Pilots, and Drones: A History of U.S. Machine Warfare, 1910-2012

Jared Neumann
PhD Candidate, Indiana University – Bloomington
The Discovery of Truth in Victorian Logic and Philosophy of Science

Justin Niermeier-Dohoney, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago
A Vital Matter: Alchemy, Cornucopianism, and Agricultural Improvement in England and the English Atlantic

William Parkhurst
PhD Candidate, University of South Florida
Nietzsche and The Principle of Identity in 19th-Century Sciences
Video: Lecture, Aug. 15, 2019

Marc Reyes
PhD Candidate, University of Connecticut
In the Circle of Great Powers: India, the United States, and the Postcolonial Atomic State, 1947-1974

Alexis Rider
PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania
A Melting Fossil: Ice, Life, and Time in the Cryosphere, 1840-1980.

James Risk, PhD
Instructor, University of South Carolina
Promoting the Fresnel Lighthouse Lens: The United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Professionalization of Engineering in Nineteenth-Century America

Jean Sanchez
PhD Candidate, École Normale Supérieure of Paris
Conceptions of astrology among Parisian scholars (1570-1680)
Video: Lecture, December 12, 2019

Tasha Schoenstein
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Departments and Disciplines: The Institutionalization of Computer Science, 1960-1989

Mariana Waligora
PhD Candidate, National University of La Plata, Argentina
Museums and Scientific Exchanges in the Global South. The Fossil Genus Glossopteris and the Continental Drift Theory, 1915-1940

Victoria Yeoman, PhD
Assistant Professor, Seneca College
Eating Plants and Animals in the Early Modern World

Edward Halley Barnet
PhD Candidate, Stanford University
Homo Musicus: The Early Modern Musical Science of the Body

Jordan Bimm, PhD
Post Doctoral Fellow, Princeton University
Putting Mars in a Jar: The Military Origin of Astrobiology
Video: Lecture, Feb. 8, 2019

Kat Boniface
PhD Candidate, University of California, Riverside
Manufacturing the Horse

John Bukowski, PhD
Professor of Mathematics, Juniata College
Mathematics at the Time of the Development of Calculus

Rebecca Egli, PhD
Historian of Agriculture and Environment
Seeds of Mis-fortune: Food, Crop Diversity, and the Simplification of American Nature
Video: Lecture, Oct. 23, 2018

Aaron Fine
Chair of the Department of Art, Truman State University
Color Theory: A Critical Introduction

Gerard Fitzgerald, PhD
Visiting Scholar in the Department of History and Art History, George Mason University
The Nature of War: An Environmental History of Industrialization in the United States During World War I

Sadegh Foghani, PhD
Instructor, University of South Carolina
Engineering the Revolution: American Pragmatism, French Thermodynamics, and Formation of Religious and Political Thoughts in Twentieth Century Iran
Video: Lecture, July 25, 2019

Rocio Gomez, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas
Victors and Vanadium: Scientific Discovery in the Age of Revolutions

Emily Herring
PhD Candidate, University of Leeds
Philosophical Biology: The Reception of Henry Bergson’s Creative Evolution in French and British Biology
Video: Lecture, Nov. 29, 2018

Mira Kohl
PhD Candidate, Tulane University
A Railway for South American Unity: Bolivian and Brazilian State Building along the Frontier, 1935-1964

Gustave Lester
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Interstate Geology: Mapping the Raw Materials of Industry, 1809-1867

Stefan Peychev, PhD
Historian of the Ottoman Empire
Fire and Water: The Hydrothermal Landscapes of the Balkans in Western Travel Literature

Brent Purkaple
PhD Candidate, University of Oklahoma
Visualizing the Unseen: The Jesuits and optical illusions in early modern Europe

Peter Soppelsa, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
The World War on Rats

Henry Zepeda, PhD
Teaching Fellow, Wyoming Catholic College
The Epitome Almagesti: Critical Edition and Study
Video: Lecture, July 30, 2019

Robyn Braun, PhD
Research Communications Officer, University of Alberta, Canada
The Modernist Infusoria: The Microorganisms that have Shaped Modern Culture and Thought

Patrick De Oliveira
PhD Candidate, Princeton University
The Ascending Republic: Aeronautical Culture in France, 1860-1908 
Video: Lecture, Aug. 23, 2018

Stephen Hausmann
PhD Candidate, Temple University
White Water: Race and Environment in Rapid City, 1875-1992 

Ry Marcattilio-McCracken, PhD
Lecturer, Oklahoma State University
The Incorrigibles: Eugenics and Sterilization in a Juvenile Girls’ Reformatory

Zachary Nowak
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
The American Train Station: A History

Drielli Peyerl, PhD
Postdoctoral scholar, University of Campinas, Brazil
Cornucopia: The Hunger for Energy Resources in South America

Whitney Robles
PhD Candidate, Harvard University
Curious Species: How Animals Made Natural History, 1700-1820

Edwin Rose
PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, UK
From Sir Hans Sloane to Sir Joseph Banks: The Creation and Use of Private Libraries in Relation to the Practice of Natural History

Lee Vinsel, PhD
Assistant Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
After Innovation: Maintenance, Care, and Our American Dreams 
Video: Lecture, Aug. 9, 2018

Adelheid (Heidi) Voskuhl, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Engineers’ Philosophy: Industrialism, Theories of Technology, and Social Order in the Second Industrial Revolution

J’Nese Williams
PhD Candidate, Vanderbilt University
The Texture of Empire: British Colonial Botanic Gardens and the Uses of Science in the Late-18th and Early-19th Centuries

Reem Elghomini
PhD Candidate, University of Texas, Austin
Interfering with Matter and Motion Theory: Optics, Alchemy and the Naturalization of Arabic in England, 1640-1672.

Karl L. Galle, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Sciences and Engineering, The American University in Cairo
Scholar, Bureaucrat, Diplomat, Revolutionary: Copernicus Through the Eyes of His Contemporaries.
Video: Lecture, April 28, 2016

Cynthia Huffman, PhD
Professor of Mathematics, Pittsburg State University
Influential Books in the Development of European Mathematics from 1500-1820
Video: Lecture, October 7, 2015

Joana Gaspar de Freitas, PhD
New University of Lisbon
Against Sand and Sea: Strategies on Coastal Defense
Video: Lecture, November 5, 2014

Andre Hahn
PhD Candidate, Oregon State University
Finding Form: Goethe’s Morphology Among Twentieth Century English Speakers
Video: Lecture, September 8, 2015

Gabriella Petrick, PhD
Associate Professor, Hospitality and Tourism, University of New Haven
Red or White: How Cabernet and Chardonnay Came to Define Wine
Video: Lecture, July 20, 2015

Caitlin Silberman
PhD Candidate, Art History Department, University of Wisconsin – Madison
“I Believe We Shall Be Crows”: Thinking with Birds in British Art and Visual Culture, 1840-1900
Video: Lecture, September 10, 2014

Angela Smith
PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Texas – Austin
On the Origin of Vestiges: Science, Religion, and the Natural World in Early Victorian Scotland
Video: Lecture, November 19, 2014

Francesco Gerali, PhD
Post-Doctoral Student, Institute of Geography, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Crossing the National Boundaries: Study on the Foreign Technological Know-How in the Maturation of the Mexican Oil Industry in the Second Half of the 19th century
Video: Lecture, October 30, 2013

Francesco Luzzini, PhD
Adjunct Professor, University of Milan – Department of Biosciences Through dark and mysterious paths: Early modern science and the search for the origin of springs from the 16th to the 18th century
Video: Lecture, July 23, 2014

Luis Tirapicos
PhD Candidate, Interuniversity Centre for the History of Science and Technology, University of Lisbon
Jesuit Science in Lisbon: The Practice of Astronomy in the Court of King João V, 1723-1750
Video: November 13, 2013

Dustin Abnet, PhD
Department of History, Indiana University
“Taming Our Machines:” Robots and the American Soul in the Industrial Age
Video: Lecture, August 14, 2013

Monica Brannon
PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, New School for Social Research
Governing Technological Landscapes: A Historical Comparison between Rural Electrification Co-operatives and Rural Broadband Internet Access
Video: Lecture, July 10, 2013

Felipe Cruz
PhD Candidate, Department of History, The University of Texas at Austin
Colonizing Amazonia From Above: Aeronautical Technology in the Brazilian Frontiers
Video: Lecture, March 7, 2013

Eric Friesel
PhD Candidate, Technology Management, Indiana State University
Assessing the Value of Exogenous Modular System Design and Manufacture in Uncertain Rapidly Changing Technology Industry
Video: Lecture, October 23, 2013

Catherine Kendig, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Missouri Western State University
Homology, Redux: Revisiting Richard Owen’s Analogy/Homology Distinction
Video: Lecture, July 24, 2013

Jongmin Lee
PhD Candidate, Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Engineering the Environment: Regulatory Engineers in the Environmental Protection Agency and Engineering Societies, 1969-1980
Video: Lecture, March 14, 2013

Adelheid Voskuhl, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of History of Science, Harvard University
Engineering as Institution: Technical and Social Elites in Germany and the U.S., 1870 to 1930
Video: Lecture, April 26, 2013

Jerusha Westbury
PhD Candidate, History Department, New York University
“…what a great many Authors have said…”: Learning about New World Plants in Early Modern Europe
Video: Lecture, March 21, 2013

Francesco Luzzini, PhD
Research Fellow, Department of Humanities, University of East Piedmont, Italy Faith and Facts, Experience, and Expedience: A Comparison of Protestant and Italian Catholic Perspectives in 17th and 18th Century Theories of the Earth
Video: Lecture, July 18, 2012