Name Title Department Phone Email
Chelsea Blakely Stacks Assistant Stacks 816.928.8778
Patty Bowen Director of Development Development 816.926.8727
Lisa Browar President President’s Office 816.926.8781
Kim Carter Head of Public Services Public Services 816.926.8723
Rebecca Cavanaugh Manager of Donor Relations Development 816.926.8707
Adrienne Clevenger Research Specialist Public Services 816.926.8720
David Crawford Reference Assistant Public Services 816.926.8755
Sally Crosson Digital Projects Technician Digital Initiatives Unit 816.926.8773
Rachel Culver Document Services Assistant Digital Initiatives Unit 816.926.8766
Jamie Cumby Assistant Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts Collections 816.926.8731
Jane Davis VP for Access & Digital Services Access & Digital Services 816.926.8775
Jason W. Dean Vice President for Special Collections Collections 816.926.8737
Patrick Drummond Document Services Delivery Coordinator Digital Initiatives Unit 816.926.8713
Jim Elo Facilities Engineer Facilities Maintenance 816.926.8703
Mark Evilsizor Head, IT Services IT Services 816.926.8735
Ben Gibson Manager, Digital Initiatives Digital Initiatives Unit 816.926.8791
Tess Gibson Technical Services Assistant Technical Services 816.926.8763
Christina Golding Head of Human Resources Finance & Administration 816.926.8783
Brian Gordon Chief Financial Officer Finance & Administration 816.926.8740
Benjamin Gross Vice President for Research and Scholarship Research and Scholarship 816.926.8718
Eli Halterman Lead Custodian Facilities Maintenance 816.926.8742
Samantha Hollingsworth Program Manager Public Programs 816.926.8770
Pat Kettner Facilities Technician Facilities Maintenance 816.926.8725
Michele Knight Sr. VP for Public Engagement Public Engagement 816.926.8777
Elizabeth Lawless Head, Stacks Stacks 816.926.8744
Tim McElhenie Technical Services Assistant, Cataloging Technical Services 816.926.8729
Natasha Minturn Technical Services Assistant, Cataloging Technical Services 816.926.8732
Ali Modarres Account Receivable Clerk Finance & Administration 816.926.8771
Jason Moulin Accounting Manager Finance & Administration 816.926.8741
Nilufar Movahedi Document Services Assistant Digital Initiatives Unit 816.926.8717
Jennie Nguyen Senior Communications Strategist Communications 816.926.8758
Michelle Owens Stacks Assistant Stacks 816.926.8761
Kaylee Peile Manager of Strategic Partnerships Development 816.926.8712
Jon Rollins Digital Projects Graphic Design Technician Digital Initiatives Unit 816.926.8797
Blake Rumsey Stacks Assistant Stacks 816.926.8722
Samantha Sanchez Head of Grounds Grounds 816.926.8747
Patty Scarborough Reference Assistant Public Services 816.926.8721
Maria Schmid Technical Services Assistant, Cataloging Technical Services 816.926.8726
Eric Scrivner Grounds Assistant Grounds 816.926.8747
Natasha Stephan Application Administrator IT Services 816.926.8750
Tracy Snedeger Data & Insights Analyst Public Engagement 816.926.8730
Shannon Stipe Reference Specialist Public Services 816.926.8724
Ana Valdez Chief Learning Officer President’s Office 816.926.8746
David VanRenselaar System Administrator IT Services 816.926.8748
Mike Walker Digital Projects Technician Digital Initiatives Unit 816.926.8728
Eric Ward Vice President for Public Programs Public Programs 816.926.8753
Patrice Welch Stacks Assistant Stacks 816.926.8709
Paula Wheeler Executive Assistant to the President President’s Office 816.926.8745