William King Gregory

William King Gregory, an American paleontologist, was born May 19, 1876. Gregory did important work in comparative anatomy and paleontology, teaching at Columbia University for many years and serving as curator of no less than three departments at the American Museum...

The Evolution of the Human Form

For centuries, the human form has been the subject of intense exploration by artists. Now science has extended the field for such work by revealing the human form’s precursors, and how these puzzle pieces fit to reveal the human form’s coming-to-be.

A meet-and-greet book signing will immediately follow the lecture. Copies of John Gurche’s latest book, Lost Anatomies, will be available for purchase at the event courtesy of Rainy Day Books.

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Charles Dawson

Charles Dawson, an English barrister and amateur antiquarian, was born July 11, 1864. Although he lacked any formal scientific education, Dawson managed to get elected to both the Geological Society of London and the Society of Antiquaries, on the strength of various...