A Nightwatchman’s Journey: The Road Not Taken

David H. Levy is one of the most successful comet discoverers in history. He has discovered 22 comets, nine of them using his own backyard telescopes. With Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker at the Palomar Observatory in California he discovered Shoemaker-Levy 9, the comet that collided with Jupiter in 1994.

At this event, David Levy will discuss his new autobiography, which details his lifelong passion for the night sky.

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Vera Rubin

Vera Cooper Rubin, an American astronomer, was born July 23, 1928.  Working at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Rubin studied galaxies; to be specific, she measured galactic rotation rates.  Galaxies not only look like they rotate – they are rotating.  Rotating...

Georg Peurbach

Georg Peurbach, a German astronomer, was born May 30, 1423. In the medieval university, two texts were used to teach astronomy: The Sphere by Johannes de Sacrobosco, a basic introduction to the celestial and terrestrial spheres and their circles…

Cosmic Tremors: The Quest for Colliding Black Holes

The 17th Annual Paul D. Bartlett, Sr. Lecture presented in association with the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Kansas City, the Princeton Alumni Association of Greater Kansas City, and the Yale Club of Kansas City. Yale astrophysicist Priyamvada Natarajan will trace the history of the idea of black holes and present our evolving understanding of how they form and grow.

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Christoph Clavius

Christoph Clavius, a Jesuit astronomer, was born Mar. 15, 1538.  Clavius joined the Society of Jesus in 1555, when the Jesuit order was only 15 years old (and he was but 17).  Clavius went on to teach at the Collegio Romano and played a major role in introducing...