Conversing with the Starry Messenger

Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius, published in 1610, is one of the most thrilling and important scientific texts ever written, and the Linda Hall Library’s copy, arguably one of the most important copies in existence, is still revealing its secrets after 400 years.

How Do I Become an Astronomer?

Are you a student fascinated by space and would love to explore the universe? If so, join us for an opportunity to get academic and career advice from  Dr. Robert Zellem, an exoplanet astronomer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Francois Arago

François Arago, a French astronomer and homme politique, as the French call him, was born Feb. 26, 1768. Arago came from a town near the Pyrenees, but as a young man he made a trek to Toulouse to take the entrance exam to the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique in Paris,...

Julius Schiller

Julius Schiller, a German lawyer and astronomer, died, it is thought, in 1627; his birth date is not known.  Schiller is known for a single pair of works, both published in 1627, the year he is supposed to have died.  Schiller lived and worked in Augsburg; in 1603,...

Clyde Tombaugh

Clyde Tombaugh, an American astronomer, was born Feb. 4, 1906. Tombaugh was born in Illinois, but he was raised on a farm in Burdett, Kansas, and he would eventually graduate from the University of Kansas in Lawrence in 1936. But before attending KU, he did what few...