Second Saturday Conversation: Seeing DNA with X-ray Vision

Dr. Amy Whitaker, Postdoctoral Research Scholar at KU Med will guide participants through a broad overview of DNA, including what exactly it is and how it was discovered, what it looks like in 3D and how it manages to contain all of the genetic information that makes us into unique individuals, and how the code written by DNA is translated to physical characteristics in the human body.

How Do I Become a Forensic Scientist?

Are you a high school or college student thinking about a career as a crime scene investigator or forensic scientist? Do you want to know what the real CSI is like? If so, join us for an opportunity to get academic and career advice from forensic scientist Lindsey Schissel from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab.

Max Delbrück

Max Delbrück, a German physicist and biologist, was born Sep. 4, 1906. Delbrück was trained in physics during the heady rise of quantum mechanics in the 1920s, and he spent a year with Niels Bohr in Copenhagen in 1931-32. It seems to have been Bohr who inspired Delbrück to apply physics to the problem of life and its replication. After moving to the United States upon the rise of Nazism, Delbrück began working on bacteriophages…

Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin, a British physical chemist, was born July 25, 1920. Franklin, working at King’s College, London, under the supervision of Maurice Wilkins, developed improved techniques for producing images by X-ray crystallography. This imaging method, where X-rays…