War Fare: Modern Food, Moral Food

Helen Veit, associate professor of history at Michigan State University, weaves together cultural history and the history of science to bring readers into the strange and complex world of the American Progressive Era. The era’s emphasis on science and self-control left a profound mark on American eating, one that remains today in everything from the ubiquity of science-based dietary advice to the tenacious idealization of thinness.

Presented in partnership with the National WWI Museum and Memorial.

The Science of Sustenance: Experimenting in the Kitchen

Cooking and baking incorporate many exciting scientific concepts, and home cooks and pro chefs alike employ scientific-like experimentation to find new and exciting dishes and techniques. Join one of Kansas City’s favorite bakers, Robert Duensing of Best Regards Bakery & Café to learn about how he uses science and experimentation to deliver his most popular dishes. Co-sponsored by the Linda Hall Library and Kansas City Public Library.