Return to the Moon and On to Mars

Alicia Dwyer Cianciolo, an aerospace engineer at the NASA Langley Research Center, will discuss how recent work at NASA to develop human landers at Mars is influencing new lunar lander vehicle designs. The goal is to develop and utilize technologies that will increase sustainability and lower costs on future missions.

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Eugène Michel Antoniadi

Eugène Michel Antoniadi, a Greek/French astronomer, was born Mar. 1, 1870. Antoniadi had many interests and excelled in most of them; he wrote (in Greek) the definitive book on the architecture of Istanbul’s beautiful basilica, Hagia Sophia, and played chess well...

Nathaniel Everett Green

Nathaniel Everett Green, an English artist and astronomer, was born Aug. 21, 1823. In the summer of 1877, there was a favorable opposition of Mars, which means Mars was directly opposite the sun from the earth, high in the sky at midnight, and as close as Mars can get...