Johann Friederich Esper

Johann Friedrich Esper, a German physician, was born Oct. 6, 1732. In 1771, Esper investigated the Gailenreuth Cave, near Nuremberg in Bavaria, and he found the fossilized remains of quite a few animals no longer native to the region, such as hyenas, and lions. He...

Ernst Stromer

Ernst Stromer, a German paleontologist, died Dec. 18, 1952, at the age of 81.  In January of 1911, Stromer found the first dinosaur bones ever unearthed in Egypt.  He was investigating the Bahariya oasis in the Western Desert, some 200 miles SW of Cairo, when the...

The Evolution of the Human Form

For centuries, the human form has been the subject of intense exploration by artists. Now science has extended the field for such work by revealing the human form’s precursors, and how these puzzle pieces fit to reveal the human form’s coming-to-be.

A meet-and-greet book signing will immediately follow the lecture. Copies of John Gurche’s latest book, Lost Anatomies, will be available for purchase at the event courtesy of Rainy Day Books.

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Agostino Scilla

Agostino Scilla, a Sicilian painter and naturalist, was born Aug. 10, 1629. Scilla was an excellent artist, studying under Andrea Sacchi in Rome before returning to his native Messina. But Scilla grew interested in fossils—figured stones as they were called at the…