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Using the Library

The Linda Hall Library is open to the public free of charge during regular Library hours.

All visitors to the Library are asked to register at the Reference Desk. Patrons will be required to present their card or a photo ID during each visit. There is no charge for getting a library card; credit cards are required for patrons who wish to borrow materials.

The History of Science Collection is also open to the public during Library hours.  Please schedule an appointment at least 48 hours in advance (click here to download a registration form).

New Library System

In 2020, you may notice some changes in the online catalog at Linda Hall Library. Beginning January 9, we will have a soft-launch of our new library system, Alma, by the Ex Libris Company.

Alma is a 21st-century library system that will run underneath our current online catalog tool, Primo. Academic and special libraries all over the world, including some of Linda Hall’s peers in the Independent Research Libraries Association, like the Getty Museum, use Alma as their library management system. This new system will allow us to make some changes behind the scenes to manage the Library’s resources more reliably, accurately, and efficiently. But beyond improvements for staff, Alma and Primo offer new features that will change the way the Library provides services.

For more information about interacting with the new system, click on the links below:

Who Can Borrow

  • Individuals living within the Kansas City metropolitan area as defined below:
    • Missouri – Bates, Caldwell, Cass, Clay, Clinton, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Platte, Ray
    • Kansas – Douglas, Franklin, Johnson, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami, Wyandotte
  • Established businesses within the KC metro area (see above counties). Contact Reference Services at 816.926.8701 for more information about authorized borrowing for businesses, or fill out our web application by clicking here.
  • High school students with credit card information provided by a parent. (Parent must be present at registration.)
  • Students, faculty, and staff of participating Courtesy Card institutions. Contact Reference Services at 816.926.8701 for more information about the Courtesy Card Program.

If you wish to borrow from the Linda Hall Library but do not meet the above criteria, please contact your local public, academic, or corporate library and request to borrow through interlibrary loan from Document Delivery Services.

Check Out Period and Limitations

  • All borrowers must provide a picture ID or library card at the time of check-out.
  • Adult and courtesy card borrowers may check out a maximum of 10 items.
  • High school students, after registering with a parent in attendance, may check out a maximum of 5 items.
  • Check-out period for books is 3 weeks with two 3-week renewals, unless another patron request is pending.
  • Check-out period for specifications and government documents is 2 business days with two 2-day renewals.
  • Check-out period for conference proceedings in the Monograph Collection is 1 week with two 1-week renewals for local borrowers in good standing.
  • Patrons with overdue items cannot check-out additional items.
  • If a borrower has books overdue 2 times for 6 weeks or longer he/she will be placed on Limited borrowing status and restricted to borrowing 2 books at a time for 6 months.
  • If a borrower has books overdue 4 times (including the 2 weeks leading to limited borrowing status) for 6 weeks or longer he/she will be placed on Blocked status and restricted from borrowing for 6 months.
  • Material on loan may be renewed either by phone at 816.926.8701 or by email

Replacement and Damage Fees

Patrons who do not return materials in good condition and in a timely way will be charged fees, as follows:

  • A $150 standard replacement cost, per item.
  • If the actual replacement cost of the item is over $300, that cost will be charged to the patron, in lieu of the $150 standard fee.
  • A $25 damage fee, assessed on an individual basis if the damaged item can be repaired; if the item must be replaced, the appropriate replacement fee will be charged.

Material Which Does Not Circulate

  • Journals/periodicals/magazines
  • Material published before 1900
  • Microforms – microfiche, microfilm, microcard
  • Rare books and/or items from the History of Science Collection
  • Reference books
  • Technical reports
  • Other items listed in the Linda Hall Library circulation guidelines. (Please ask at the Reference Desk for a copy)
  • The Linda Hall Library reserves the right to deny circulation of any item determined to be fragile or difficult to replace.

Terms and Conditions

  • All patrons must provide a picture ID or LHL library card at the time of check-out.
  • Individual borrowers must provide credit card information on their application.
  • Library materials must be protected from damage from food and beverages.
  • Patrons are responsible for all uses of their library card.
  • Patrons must promptly report if a card is lost or stolen.
  • Patrons with overdue items will not be able to check out additional items.
  • Abuse of circulation privileges may result in the loss of borrowing privileges.