Urban Arboretum

The 14 acres surrounding the Library are home to 300 trees representing some 48 genera and 130 species. Beds of viburnum and tree peonies embellish the grounds and provide additional interest while contributing to the park-like setting. The property is managed as an urban arboretum.

The foundation for the arboretum began to take shape in the early 1900s as Herbert and Linda Hall set out to landscape the property around their new home. Working with noted Kansas City landscape architects, Hare and Hare, the Halls introduced a variety of trees that were not native to the Midwest. The Hall’s interest in unusual and underrepresented trees has been carefully and thoughtfully nurtured over the years by the Library’s trustees and staff.

Map of the Arboretum

Coordinates for all the trees in the arboretum were determined using GPS technology and loaded into ArcView mapping software to produce the map below. Point references on the map represent the location of individual trees on the Library’s grounds. Left-clicking on any point provides more detailed information and a photograph of the individual tree. The mapping project is made possible by generous support from the Westport Garden Club.

Self-Guided Tours

Explore the arboretum at your own pace on a free, self-guided tour. Two brochures are available to print in advance or view on your mobile device:

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