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Updating and Managing Your Library Account

By signing into Primo with your library account, you have access to many new features. However, you will need to update your library account information by either coming into the Library and speaking with one of our reference librarians or by filling out the account update form.


All patrons will need to provide a valid email address to use their Linda Hall Library account. If you do not have an email address, please speak with a reference librarian for further assistance.

To update your library account, we will need your current, valid email address, as well as your last name. We will need to verify your barcode from your library card.

Authentication Options

You will also need to select a method for authenticating your account. Primo allows Library patrons to use one of two ways of signing in. Instead of having to remember your library barcode, a PIN, and some other password, you may sign in via a social network like Google/Gmail or Twitter. Primo uses login information from Google or Twitter to verify your information and allows you to sign in to your library account. Your library account will not store any information from your social network account. Once your account is connected, you can sign into your library account by clicking on the option to sign in via Google or Twitter.

You can also use the email validation method to sign in to Primo with your library account. This will require you to select the email option at sign in and will send an email with a one-time-use link to sign in to your library account.

Authentication via Social

If you would like to use the social network method, please advise a reference librarian or indicate that on the account update form. The library will then send an email to the email address associated with your account. This email will contain a link to set up the initial connection between your social network account and your library account.

Authentication via Email

If you would like to use the email method, please verify that your email address is current by using the update form or advise a reference librarian. You can then go directly to Primo and begin the sign in process. Please note, if your email address is associated with an additional library account, you will need to provide a unique email address for your account or consolidate accounts. If you attempt to sign in via email and do not get the sign in link email within a few minutes, please speak with a reference librarian for further assistance.

Accessing Your Library Account

  1. Browse to our catalog (Primo) and click the upper right corner Sign In option
  2. Select the option to sign in using Email/Google/Twitter
  3. At the next window, click on your chosen authentication method, Email (a link will be sent to you), Google, or Twitter (you will be asked to sign in if you are not already).
  4. Once you are signed in, you will see your name in the upper right hand corner of the page.  If you click on your name, you will see the features described below.

Library Account Features

Library Card

This link takes you to an overview of your account and will allow you to see any current loans, current requests, fines or fees, any blocks or messages from the library, and your personal details. You can edit or update your address, phone number, and email on the personal details tab.

My Loans

From here, you can see all current and outstanding loans. If a loan is renewable, you can renew the loan here.

My Requests

You can see all your current requests with the status of the request listed. If your request is available, you can also see how long it will be retained on the hold shelf. You can cancel requests here if you no longer need the material. If more than one patron has requested the material, you will be able to see your position in the queue.

My Favorites

Here you can find your favorited books and journals, saved searches, and your search history. For favorited resources, you can add labels, print, email, or export the records to citation management software.

Search History

This link takes you to a tab that displays all the searches of your current session. You can save searches that appear here and they will be preserved and moved to the saved searches tab.